How To Really Get In the Game and Win The Big Corporate Contracts
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Randall Dobbins | Houston, Texas

Dear business owner,

If you are a Small Business Owner and have dared to dream of building a successful business that makes a difference in your life, the lives of your family members and the lives of your community members then this is for you!

You have had the courage to put it all on the line, to make the self-sacrifice and to have the faith, strength and stamina to create what you believe to be transformational experiences. You have faced tremendous odds but nonetheless boldly and confidently move forward. You are guided by your experience, independence, bravery and ambition to serve a need greater than yourself. With nothing more than your vision, creativity and imagination you see your efforts through to completion (and start over again and again).

If this is you, welcome! The Business Partner blueprint series of courses helps you along your corporate contracting and life journey, and will provide you all you need to take your genius, self-sufficiency and nonconformist nature to the top of the business world.
If You Are Facing The Following Challenges...
Here is what you need to know that no one has told you. The 3 biggest mistakes made by Small Businesses when going after contracts with large companies preventing you from enjoying business success at the highest level are:
  • Unclear Value - I can help you solve the problem of big companies not knowing how working with your company helps theirs. 
  • Incomplete Product/Service Offering - I can help you solve the problem of whether your company is a good fit to replace the company that currently has the business.
  • Lack of a Business Partner Blueprint - I can help you overcome the perception problem that your company can not handle the business even if you are given a contract.  
"How Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Are Getting Really Big Contracts With Companies Like Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Toyota and Microsoft...
I'm Randall Dobbins Founder and Creator of the Business Partner Blueprint. For over 15 years I have trained hundreds of successful diverse companies in the art of landing large corporate contracts.  As a buyer, seller, and minority business owner, I've spent years perfecting processes for designing, creating, negotiating, implementing and managing strategic partnerships for the world's largest corporations, including Shell Oil Company, Westinghouse Electric Supply Company, and my own company Dobbins International.

Now, I've created a framework to help Disadvantaged Business Enterprise owners (like you) land corporate contracts that can transform your company. Get started here.
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